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🔪Liver resection for HCC in pts with metabolic syndrome🍔: a rising issue!

⚠️Risk factors for postop morbidity in our paper on @HEP_Journal.

Check the calculator:

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📣Pronti per il secondo round di AICEP web surgical series???🤩Journal club sul trattamento delle metastasi epatiche! Mercoledì 25 ore 18.30! Stay tuned 📻
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A very interesting donor anatomy to start the year 🥳. Has anyone ever seen this? Not sure it can be classified as a sort of arc of Bühler 🤔
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📣 Save the date!!! 4th world congress of the ILLS in Rome 🏛️🇮🇹🍕@Giammatwit @Aicep4 @rubenciria @RussolilloNadia @LiverSurgSanRaf @FrancescaRatti3 @conci_simone @HalletJulie @SoubraneO @santiazagra @IelpoB @PrabinBikramTh2

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